Angels Announcer Victor Rojas Stays Strong for His Wife in Her Health Battle

She braces herself for the worst. Staying strong, she tells herself, is the only way she can win.

She used to cry in the mornings as the sun came up. She would try to drive the kids to school, and the sunlight would slap her in the face. She became so sensitive, it was nearly impossible to see. That was August, when she began to notice something was wrong.

Seven months later, she is in full fight-mode. She puts on sunglasses to protect her delicate eyes and wipes the tears away.

“We’re going to handle this,” she said, in a telephone interview.

Kim Rojas, wife of Angels announcer Victor Rojas, is at their home in Trophy Club, Texas, this week making plans for a surgical procedure she hopes will give her answers. In January, she was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and Graves’ ophthalmopathy, rare thyroid conditions that have caused swollen, bulging eyes and, along with other complications, are threatening her life.