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Beyond the Orbit: TED Damage Is Also Psychosocial

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source: TED Impact

year: N/A


Thyroid eye disease can have a significant impact on each individual patient, though the manifestations are not always visible. Pain, impairment of sight, depression, and loss of self-confidence all have a substantial effect on patients’ well-being.

A variety of studies and surveys have shown how ted affects patient quality of life:

•63% of the patients surveyed in a single-center Australian study said the changes TED had caused to their appearance significantly interfered with psychosocial functioning.

•52% of the patients in a controlled, prospective, descriptive study at a German orbital clinic reported a loss of self-confidence due to their disease.

•45% of the patients at a German academic clinic who responded to a questionnaire on quality of life and use of psychotherapy reported emotional distress, including 40% reporting anxiety and 22% depression.


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