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Patient Education

COVID-19 Online Resources and Support by GDATF

key information

source: Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation (GDATF)

year: 2020


Many of our community members have reached out in recent weeks to ask whether autoimmune thyroid patients are considered a “high risk” group. We were unable to find specific research that addresses this issue and reached out to members of our Board of Directors and Physician Advisory Board for their thoughts.

The feedback we received was that autoimmune thyroid patients as a group are not automatically considered “high risk”, but individual risk profiles can vary. For example, a patient could be undergoing immnosuppressive therapy for another autoimmune disease or could be experiencing low white blood cell count as a side effect of antithyroid drugs. Your best resource for assessing your own level of risk is a doctor who is familiar with your personal medical history.

Based on COVID-19 guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and University of California San Diego, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the patient education event that was previously set for April 11th at Shiley Eye Institute at UC San Diego. But you can connect with your fellow patients online! We have several formats available for online support, including the following.