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Discharge Instructions for Graves Disease (Pediatric)

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source: Mount Nittany Health


When Your Child has Graves Disease
Your child has been diagnosed with Graves’ disease. This means he or she has an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism). Thyroid hormone is important to the body’s growth and metabolism. But with too much thyroid hormone, the body’s processes may speed up or overreact. This can cause a variety of symptoms. Graves’ disease is treated with medicines, radiation, or surgery. Below are instructions for caring for your child.

Medicine Instructions
Your healthcare provider will talk with you about medicine options for your child. Anti-thyroid medicines work by blocking the release of thyroid hormone. Other medicines, such as a beta-blocker, can be used to control symptoms.

• Give your child his or her medicine exactly as directed.
• Give the medicine at the same time every day. Keep the pills in a container that is labeled with the days of the week. This will help you remember if you’ve given the medicine each day.
• Try to give the medicine with the same food or drink each day. This will help you control the amount of thyroid hormone in your child’s body.


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