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Graves’ Orbitopathy

key information

source: Family Practice Notebook

year: 2021


Eye complications occur in 25-50% of Grave’s disease.

Grave’s disease induced eye changes:

   • Sensitized orbital tissue-specific T-Lymphocytes

   • Local inflammatory cellular infiltration of eye

Orbital fibroblasts mediate changes:

   • Adipose hypertrophy

   • Glycosaminoglycan accumulates

Residual scarring may cause irreversible proptosis.

Risk Factors:
Tobacco abuse (Relative Risk 3.7)

Older men appear to have more severe cases

Radioiodine therapy may cause flare in eye disease

   • Prednisone used to prevent flare

    – Dose: 40 to 80 mg daily

    – Taper off over 3 months.