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Patient Education

TEDct Newletter Summer 2021

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source: TEDct

year: 2021


Welcome to the latest TEDct newsletter. In this issue, the Bristol Eye Hospital ophthalmology team have addressed a few questions commonly asked by TED patients.


These Included:

How to get a second opinion

Does the new drug Teprotumumab offer hope to TED sufferers?

Can diet have an impact on TED? 


Thyroid eye disease is a relatively rare condition that challenges sufferers physically, functionally and psychologically. It is important that affected people receive appropriate care from healthcare professionals with an understanding of the condition. One of our goals at TEDct is to educate more doctors, nurses, optometrists and other healthcare staff to provide excellent care for the condition. However, we often hear from TEDct members that it can be challenging to gain access to knowledgeable professionals. This article will cover how to know if a second opinion is appropriate for you, and how to go about seeking one if needed.