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Patient Education

Coping With Autoimmunity – Take Control of Your Illness

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source: The Autoimmune Association

year: 2019


Being diagnosed with a serious, long-term health condition can be frightening and overwhelming. Often, the unpredictability of such an illness can make you feel out of control. This feeling can cause stress, anxiety, anger and depression for both you and your family. Understanding these responses will help you determine what works best for you in overcoming these feelings. A few basic suggestions are offered below to help you cope with and manage chronic illness.

• Understand the illness and the treatment plan established by your physician. Ask questions of your doctor about your specific condition, especially what changes and symptoms you can expect to experience.

• Do your own research to become familiar with the disease, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. Accurate knowledge can help you feel empowered. Some autoimmune diseases are quite rare, and your physician may not be knowledgeable about the disease. Seek out a specialist who is familiar with the disease and its treatment.