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Levothyroxine & TPOabs

An interesting read, although the headline is misleading – this study looked at women who have positive TPO antibodies, but who are *euthyroid*. Euthyroid women with thyroid antibody positivity prescribed levothyroxine before and during pregnancy were no more likely to experience a live birth at 34 weeks of gestation than similar women assigned to placebo treatment, according to findings presented at the Endocrine Society Annual Meeting.

“For women who are positive for thyroid antibodies but have a normal thyroid function, giving them levothyroxine started before pregnancy and continued throughout pregnancy does not increase their chances of having a live baby,” Rima Dhillon-Smith, PhD, MRCOG, MBChB, a specialist registrar in obstetrics and gynecology and academic clinical lecturer in early pregnancy and reproductive medicine at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, told Endocrine Today. “Levothyroxine should not be provided to women with thyroid antibodies who have a normal thyroid function and are trying for a pregnancy because it has no proven benefit.”


Levothyroxine & TPOabs