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Thyroid Associates at Massachusetts General

Wang Ambulatory Care Center
15 Parkman Street, Suite 730
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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Thyroid Associates physicians, part of the Massachusetts General Hospital Endocrine Unit, have extensive experience and expertise in diagnosing all aspects of thyroid disease. Consequently, the diagnosis and therapy of thyroid disorders are achieved in the most accurate and efficient manner. When appropriate, we collaborate with other Mass General physicians. In conjunction with your referring physician, we will establish an individualized care plan, designed to minimize the number of visits needed to complete your diagnostic and therapeutic program.

Your Thyroid Associates physician manages all aspects of your care and coordinates with surgeons and other colleagues at Mass General for specialized services. For example, we work in close collaboration with ophthalmologists to treat the eye problems of patients with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder that is the most common form of hyperthyroidism.

The key to treating hyperthyroidism is identifying the type of overactive thyroid that is present. Your thyroid physician will make the appropriate diagnosis based on a medical history, physical examination, blood tests and, in many cases, imaging tests such as radioiodine thyroid scans and thyroid ultrasound examinations. The radioiodine scans are performed in our unit.

Our physicians have extensive experience and great expertise in diagnosing and treating thyroid cancer. We offer the latest diagnostic and therapeutic options, including molecular testing. We have expertise and extensive experience in managing both typical and advanced forms of thyroid cancer.