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Managing chronic illness in college

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source: CollegiateParent

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Starting college presents a unique set of stressors. Students are away from home, possibly for the first time. In somewhat unfamiliar surroundings, they must cope with a rigorous academic schedule and a new and intense social life.

If your student lives with a chronic illness like asthma or diabetes, they have the added challenge of managing their condition.

The condition is a constant even though, at any given time, a student with chronic illness may be ill or well. Your student may be quite independent when it comes to self-care; nevertheless, at college, they really will be on their own and wholly responsible for making doctor’s appointments, refilling and remembering to take prescription medication, dealing with a flare-up, and more.

Fortunately, colleges have improved their services for students living with chronic illness. Leaning on these services can help your student adjust more smoothly to campus life. Here are guidelines for you both.