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How a Medical Mystery Tilted the 1992 Election in Bill Clinton’s Favor

Interesting book excerpt on how Graves’ disease affected President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush.

Barbara Bush downplayed her symptoms, but when her husband also contracted the disease—an improbable development, given that the disease is not contagious—many people close to the Bushes wondered if the disease wasn’t having a larger effect than the couple was letting on. In interviews, they suggested that the disease could have made Bush too exhausted to put up a strong fight against his younger upstart rival in the 1992 election, Bill Clinton.

Did a medical mystery change history? And, in the process, launch a new American political dynasty, the Clintons, that would define the Democratic Party for a quarter century in the way the Bush family defined the Republicans?


How A Medical Mystery Tilted The 1992 Election In Bill Clinton’s Favor