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Patient Education

Patient/Caregiver Relationship

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source: The Autoimmune Association

year: N/A


Open lines of communication between a patient and caregiver is a very important part of living with an autoimmune disease. Think of the patient/caregiver relationship as any other relationship: two people working together towards a common goal. In this case, it’s the challenge of facing an autoimmune disease.

As such, both people should ask for what they need (in general and from the other), respect each other’s needs, and speak up if or when they cannot meet those needs (short- or long-term). By creating honest, open lines of communication, the patient/caregiver relationship can become a source of information and strength while creating healthy boundaries.

Things to remember for both the patient and the caregiver:

• Act as a team because you are.
• Try to go to medical appointments together so information is clearly understood by both of you.
• The patient may ask for help even if they do not look or act “sick” (because they are).