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The Perfect Storm: A Case of Thyrotoxic Crisis Masking as Altered Mental Status in the South Bronx

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source: Cureus, Inc.

year: 2022

authors: Samuel Fransen, Tao Do, Mehrdad Alaie


Thyrotoxic crisis better known as thyroid storm is a rare life-threatening endocrine emergency that is the result of dysregulated hypermetabolic state caused by excessive production and release of thyroid hormones compromising multiple organ systems. Unfortunately, this condition carries significant mortality depending on whether the thyroid storm was associated with thyrotoxicosis. Early recognition and treatment are paramount to survival. Here we describe a case of thyroid storm complicated by pneumonia and gastrointestinal bleed in which the patient’s baseline mental status was restored with prompt identification and treatment and led to a successful recovery.

Thyroid storm is a dangerous and grave complication of thyrotoxicosis. The mortality rates of thyroid storm vary widely and are thought to be between 8-25% despite advancements in its treatment and improvement in supportive treatment. It is a status of dangerously higher levels of metabolic rate in all systems of the body, due to overproduction of the thyroid hormones. Thyroid storm occurs in 1-2% of individuals with hyperthyroidism, with Grave’s disease being the most common cause.

organization: SBH (St. Barnabas Hospital) Health System, USA

DOI: 10.7759/cureus.24510

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