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Dean M. Cestari, MD

Center for Thyroid Eye Disease and Oribital Surgery
Massachusetts Eye and Ear
243 Charles Street
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Dr. Dean Cestari is a clinician-scientist who provides medical treatment for neuro-ophthalmic disorders, strabismus (“crossed” eyes), and diplopia (double vision). He is Co-Director of the Center for Thyroid Eye Disease and Orbital Surgery at Mass. Eye and Ear. In addition to his clinical practice and research program, Dr. Cestari also supervises and mentors medical students, residents, and fellows.

Dr. Cestari earned his medical degree from Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel. After a one-year fellowship in neuro-ophthalmology at Mass. Eye and Ear, he returned to Weill Cornell Medical College’s New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where he completed a residency in ophthalmology and served as Chief Resident in his final year. Dr. Cestari is one of the few ophthalmologists worldwide who is board-certified in both neurology and ophthalmology.


Representative Publications:

Vertical Rectus Muscle Recession Versus Combined Vertical and Horizontal Rectus Muscle Recession in Patients With Thyroid Eye Disease and Hypotropia

Patterns of Visual Field Changes in Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid Eye Disease: What Is New to Know?

A Retrospective Review of Orbital Decompression for Thyroid Orbitopathy With Endoscopic Preservation of the Inferomedial Orbital Bone Strut

Multifocal Electroretinographic Abnormalities in Ethambutol-Induced Visual Loss

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