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Thyroid Eye Disease Medical Dictionary

key information

source: TEDct – Thyroid Eye Disease Charitable Trust

year: N/A


Our comprehensive medical dictionary serves as a point of reference for those unfamiliar with the TED terminology.

Euthyroid – Having normal thyroid gland function.

Graves’ Disease – An autoimmune condition causing an overactive thyroid gland, sometimes associated with Thyroid Eye Disease.

Hyperthyroid – Overactive thyroid.

Hypothyroid – Underactive thyroid.

Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) – An autoimmune condition affecting the tissues behind the eyes, usually related to dysfunction of the thyroid gland. 


Symptoms (What the Patient Describes)

Diplopia – “Double vision” i.e. seeing two of an object when there is only on.

Photophobia – Sensitivity to bright light.

Proptosis – Bulging or prominence of the eyes due to swelling of the soft tissues (fat and muscles) behind the eyes.

Squint/Strabismus – Misalignment of the eyes usually due to involvement of the muscles controlling eye movement, and usually associated with double vision.