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Greater Than Graves’ Tumblr

Beginning as a blog documenting the daily progress of a team of bikers riding to raise awareness for the autoimmune disorder Graves’ Disease, The Greater than Graves’ Tumblr now offers a first person perspective of living with Graves’ Disease.

The Graves’ Rage Diaries – Episode 6: I did it all for the Cookie

Once upon a time, my levels were running hot, and I was ravenous.  After an exhausting three mile ride into work, I wanted to eat a cookie.  Nay, I wanted to eat all the cookies.

It was something stupid-early in the morning to be at work, none the less craving all the cookies in the world. Well, all the cookies except for anything without chocolate. Naturally, I was embarrassed of my gluttonous desire for all the cookies in the world except for cookies without chocolate.