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Patient Education

Supporting Your Child: Parent-Carer Guide

key information

source: British Thyroid Foundation

year: N/A


Encourage your child to tell you how they feel. Young children may not be able to describe how they feel in the way that you would. As adults, we can compare how we feel when we are well with how we feel when we are ill. Children can’t always do that so you need to listen carefully to what they say to try to work out how they are feeling. If your child is young, you could get them to try and describe their feelings by drawing a picture – for example, using happy or sad faces to show how they feel.

Try to look out for any changes in how they feel. Encourage them to recognise when they feel better as well as when they are ill. This can help you to notice if they are becoming ill again.

It’s really useful to keep a diary. You can record things like how your child felt, what they ate, how they slept and what they did. You can also write down things that they say to describe how they feel. It can help you to spot any changes in how they feel and are a useful record to show to your doctor.